Rabu, 26 Juli 2017

Learn SLR Photography and Dump That Point and Shoot

Learn SLR photography and dump that digital point and shoot camera. Why? Because SLR and DSLR (digital SLRs) cameras gives you a much more powerful creative tool then those silly digital point and shoot cameras. SLR stands for single lens reflex and it was the most popular camera viewing system until the arrival of the digital camera in the 1990s. The SLR's preview system has been overshadowed by the live LCD preview screen on point and shoot digital cameras. However, SLR is still the most popular camera with professional photographers because the clarity and shadow detail is much better than that of the LCD preview screen. And because it gives you total artistic and technical freedom that you just can't get with a digital point and shoot.

People who want to become professional photographers learn SLR photography because it gives them much greater control over shooting then digital point-and-shoot cameras. SLRs are far superior in their ability to focus in low light, and there is no lag time between clicking the shoot button and the image capture, something that many people find frustrating with point and shoots. And then there is the wait time between taking the photo and being able to take the next one. As a professional photographer who uses a point and shoot once in awhile, I am always irritated about losing great moments because I had to wait for the camera to recharge.

Yes, digital point and shoot cameras are convenient and compact, but nothing beats an SLR camera in its ability to take beautiful, professional looking photos. You can use a wide variety of lenses on an SLR camera. A macro lens will let you shoot close ups of flowers, insects, jewelry and so forth. While using a wide angle lens will capture funny photos of your pets (those cute and funny photographs of big nosed, small bodies animals are done with wide angle lenses). And a long lens is great for portraits and sports shooting.

When you learn SLR photography you are learning a skill that you can use to create gorgeous professional looking photos of family and friends, and even start a career with. Yes, point and shoot cameras are convenient, but SLR cameras are very easy to use once you understand how they work. And the rewards of creating professional quality, beautiful images far outweigh the benefits of those silly point and shoot cameras.

If you decide to learn SLR photography and upgrade to an SLR camera, the Nikon D3000 DSLR Digital SLR Camera is the one to choose. It is smart enough to help you get professional looking photos and teach you how to become a better photographer. This smart camera can ask you what kind of photo you want and then adjust its settings to capture it. Users don't need to know anything about photography to get professional photographs.

The Nikon D3000 DSLR Digital SLR Camera is Nikon's newest entry level camera for people who want to upgrade from their point and shoot cameras. Its in-camera Guide Mode it actually teaches users about aperture, shutter speed, infinity and all that other technical stuff.

You will be thrilled with what this camera can teach you, and it will repay you for many years to come with professional quality photos of your family and friends. Truly the best starter camera on the market today. To learn more about the Nikon D3000 DSLR Digital SLR Camera and how it can help you learn SLR photography click here now.

Rabu, 19 Juli 2017

H mart Weekly Ad Great Discount and Shopping in H mart

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Selasa, 11 Juli 2017

Better Photographer Education - How to Put Pizzazz Into Your Photos!

Anyone can take a photograph! But, not everyone can produce a photo anyone wants to look at! If you fall into this latter category, here is where you will want to start your photographer education and learn to put some pizzazz into your photos.

The first major hurdle in getting top notch photography is the camera!

I hate to say it, but you'll need to dig through your junk drawers and find your camera's manual. Then, read it...with camera in hand and make sure you understand everything in it!

Bear Bryant, the famous American football coach achieved the status as being one of the winningest coaches of all time by starting each seasons first practice by holding up a football and saying "This is a football."

In other words, even though he was coaching some of the most brilliant players in the world, he started every season by going back to the basics.

If you truly want to master your camera, start with the basics and read the manual...from cover to cover, until you totally understand it. Then re-read it at least once every year.

Yes, I know it is written by people whose first language is geek...yes I know it's dry and boring...yes it's worth the effort. I've been a professional photographer for 19 years and I re-read my camera manual every January 1st. I wouldn't even consider not doing it.

Next, keep in mind that photography is all about light. Study it.

Get yourself two flashlights and 2 willing helpers. Leave your camera in the bag, this is just a study of light.

Have one helper/model sitting on a chair in a darkened room. Give one of the flashlights to the other assistant. You stay at the imaginary camera location.

Have your helper turn on the flashlight and hold it at the models eye level, at the camera location. Observe the light. And, just as importantly, observe the shadows.

Have your helper raise the light higher, and drop it down lower. Observe what changes there are on the models face.

Then have your helper move about 45 degrees left and right of camera position. Have them raise and lower the light.

Have them move behind the subject and do the same thing. What changed? These experiments are all an exercise in seeing what happens when you use a one light setup.

Now, turn on the second flashlight and you hold it at camera position while your helper goes through the same series of tests - now you have a two light setup. What changes?

Seems odd...but these two simple little bits of photographer education will immediately improve your technical savvy as well as your photo "eye" and will show immediate results in your photography!

Warning! It is easy to dismiss these steps and not do them...that would be a huge mistake and will set you back on the learning curve to amazing photography.

Warning! It is easy to dismiss these steps and not do them...that would be a huge mistake and will set you back on the learning curve to amazing photography.